About Us

Who are we?

Language solutions is a technology company that established to create a bridge between technology services, language services and education. The was established in 2016 with the aim of providing competitive services in our three spheres of operation:

  • Website and Software development
  • Language Services
  • Educational Support services

What do we do?

We provide different services in our the spheres of operation:

Website and Software development: We develop websites for individuals and companies. We provide software solutions to enable business to fully utilize their resources and get the most  out technology investment.

Language Services: We provide translation, transcriptions, quality assurance, proofreading  and editing services.

Educational Support services: We develop educational courses for individual self study needs and college curriculum. We assist with research on latest IT technologies that are needed by the market and help implement these technologies in the curriculum for colleges and individuals willing to learn new technologies.

Give us the requirements, we will provide you with the best services that meet your business or individual needs.